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#695 Body Transformation Programs - Steven Eskaf & Nicoletta Ceppellini

Steven Eskaf and Nicoletta Ceppellini are Fitness Educators, Trainers and Coaches (Steven is also an Osteopath) who are the head Coaches for one of Australia’s oldest and longest-running body transformation programs; the Max’s and Maxine’s Challenge. And before you panic, this is not a thinly disguised promo for Max’s and Maxine’s but rather, a broad and general conversation exploring the pros and cons, do’s and don’ts and the myriad of variables that impact and influence the outcomes of these types of programs. As with any other resource, transformation programs are certainly no magic pill but for some people, they can prove to be a valuable addition to their health and fitness journey. My personal opinion is that they can be a positive when they are (1) a catalyst for long-term positive behavioural change and/or (2) when they integrated periodically into an overall (big picture) health protocol. Used the wrong way (as quick-fix or rapid weight-loss plan), I’m not a fan. Enjoy.