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#644 The Shit Stirrer – David Gillespie

I’m gonna be honest, David Gillespie can be pretty annoying, especially when he turns up to TYP with information, research and dare I say, evidence, that doesn’t suit my version of ‘what is’. How dare he rattle my ideological cage of thought and belief around a particular topic with all his bloody annoying ‘research’. Surely my personal experience, ideas and long-held beliefs over-ride his mountain of evidence? This was an interesting chat about the value (or lack thereof) of adding fibre to our diet, where the fibre story came from, its relationship with various conditions and diseases, who funds the research and of course, we chat about all-things-poo. Enjoy.

Facebook: David Gillespie

David’s Article: 4 Good Reasons Not To Add Fibre To Your Diet

The Cochrane Collaboration