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#627 The Bendy-ness of Time – David Gillespie

Best-selling author, super-sleuth researcher, lawyer and TYP regular (we’re a big deal now) David Gillespie, is back and this time we talk about cults and religions (I’m starting one), getting in flow, the bendy-ness (a word) of time, his preferred writing process, universal basic income, crystallising thoughts, nootropics (cognitive enhancers), food labelling (super dodgy), why so many non-smokers are dying of lung cancer in Singapore (it’s not what you think and it’s mainly women), the big quit (the post pandemic workplace exodus) and his article called ‘Why vegetable oils are much more deadly than cigarettes’. Enjoy.

Facebook: David Gillespie

David’s Article: Why Vegetable Oils Are Much More Deadly Than Cigarettes

Research Article: Detection, Monitoring, and Deleterious Health Effects of Lipid Oxidation