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#601 The Curve Ball - Josh Lenartowicz

Two years ago, Josh Lenartowicz was one of the top ten Pro Bodybuilders in the world, getting ready for the Mr. Olympia competition, when a tumour inside his skull, a major surgery, a coma and a subsequent (and ongoing) series of medical issues and challenges, changed his life forever. I loved this chat with my friend. It was as raw, real and authentic as a conversation can get and Josh was extremely brave to share what he did. It definitely wasn’t easy or comfortable for him but I think you will love it and love him. This is not a conversation about bodybuilding but rather, a human trying to navigate life with incessant physical pain, a two year-old son, a loving wife, immense uncertainty, significant emotional darkness, moments of hopelessness and the burden of feeling like… a burden. Like I often say, bad things happen to good people and life gives no f*cks about our health, happiness or plans. Shit happens and we deal with it the best we can. And while this ep. not all laughs and giggles, there are some beautiful insights, lessons and lightbulbs to be found along the way. Enjoy.