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#582 Find A Way - Anne McKevitt

Anne McKevitt is fascinating, direct, inspirational, courageous, unbelievably resilient and brilliant. She doesn’t suffer fools, doesn’t do ‘small talk’ and can’t be bothered with ‘fluff’. Like many of my guests, she’s done all the cool, high-profile, public stuff (TV, books, awards, businesses, brands) but more impressively, this woman has been through some serious sh*t (way too many times), yet she keeps getting up and keeps finding a way. She started working at 7 (really) in Scotland, was raised in a violent home, began planning her escape at 11, moved to London by herself at 15 (with zero contacts or support), got a job on the first day, built a multi-million dollar business within five years, spent almost a year in hospital after a horrible accident, has a rare debilitating medical condition (only 140 people in the world have it), has been close to death three times, was on the hit-list of a homicidal maniac (who killed her work colleague and was never caught), has dealt with Complex PTSD for decades and to top it off, she can’t take any medication (as in Z-E-R-O) for any reason because of her rare condition. I’ve chatted with lots of people with interesting stories but this was right up there. Enjoy.