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#578 Just Macgyver It - Susan Sly

There aren’t many people who inspire me mid-podcast but Susan Sly is one of those people. Not only is she a wildly successful business woman, author, speaker, AI entrepreneur, media commentator and philanthropist but she’s also an ex-professional athlete, mother and grandmother. Like me, Susan was an obese kid who turned who ‘thinking and doing’ around and along the way, became fascinated with human potential and possibilities. Oh, and she also cured herself from MS in her twenties after being told she’d be in a wheelchair within 10 years and dead within 20 years. I loved this chat. Enjoy. *NOTE: For the youngies.. MacGyver was a TV character who had a gift for solving problems in the most creative and resourceful ways. The Oxford Dictionary states that to ‘MacGyver’ is to make or repair something “in an improvised or inventive way, making use of whatever items are at hand”, eg. “he MacGyvered a makeshift jack with a log”.