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#565 The Neurology Of Consciousness - Professor Steven Laureys

To be honest, this was a much broader conversation than the title suggests. Professor Steven Laureys is a Medical Doctor, Author, Neurologist and Meditation Master, who hangs out with the Dalai Lama and is recognised worldwide as a leading clinician and researcher in the field of the Neurology of Consciousness. If that sounds over-the-top academically (and boring), don’t panic; it’s fascinating and so is he. He even took me through a two-minute (ish) meditation mid-show and apparently, I’m no monk! It never ceases to amaze me how down-to-earth, kind and humble some of my brilliant guests are, and Steven was no exception. After we finished recording, the world-renowned academic, told me to “let him know if I needed any help or advice with my PhD research.” Amazing. Enjoy.