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#563 Tony Doherty Un-F*cking-Filtered - Tony Doherty

And yes, I recognise the irony of having an asterisk in this title. WARNING: if you’re easily offended, this might not be the episode for you. It’s fair to say, there wasn’t a lot of filtering (or editing) happening. But if you’re okay with all that, you might fucking love it. Tony Doherty is a Mate who wears his heart on his sleeve, pulls no punches, walks his talk and fights passionately for the industry he loves. He’s a main-stream media regular and is often the lone voice of reason in a sea of misinformation and confusion about all-things fitness, working out and gyms (health clubs, PT studios). Like me, he’s imperfect, rough around the edges and can ruffle feathers but what he is, is real. There’s no show. No persona. No bullshit. If he likes you, you’ll know and if he doesn’t, you’ll know. But underneath it all, is a bloke who cares deeply, thinks deeply and gives freely. This was a catch-up chat to see where he’s at with his business, life, future plans and his own personal challenges. I loved it. Enjoy.