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#56 Becoming a Life-Long Learner

Craig is a life-long learner. The eternal student. Not the best student, but a committed and enthusiastic one, nonetheless. In this conversation with Dr. Richard Huysmans, the boys discuss Craig’s impending PhD. journey and explore the numerous cognitive, emotional and practical benefits of stepping into a structured learning situation, be that a short course to become a barista, a certificate 3 in fitness, a basic book keeping qualification or a million other possibilities, through to something closer to the tertiary (University) end of the scale. Apart from the emotional benefits (self-esteem, confidence, joy, satisfaction), that come with learning, gaining a qualification and successfully navigating any kind of academic journey of any length, at any age, there’s also irrefutable evidence telling us that the longer we continue to consciously learn new things, the ‘stronger, fitter and healthier’ our brain will be into older age.