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#554 The Fitness Interrogation - Russ Jarrett

I was just on ‘The Australian Fitness Podcast’ with Russell Jarrett who had a ridiculous idea; for me to answer 10 complex questions in 3 minutes (each), when every question could easily be a one-hour conversation. Like I said, ridiculous. So, what you’ll hear in this episode is not individual advice, prescription or recommendation (never is) but rather, me sharing my thoughts, insights and feelings about the following questions: 1. Why do (some) people still feel intimidated by regular gyms and where are we getting it wrong? 2. Do Superfoods really exist? 3. The 6 best exercises for building muscle mass? 4. Supplements – overrated or underrated? 5. Is cardio going to damage my (muscle) gains? 6. How do I manage my nutrition? Why can’t I seem to get it right? 7. If I’m 50+ years of age, how many times a week should I train and what should I do? 8. Machines vs. free weights. Which is best? 9. Should my teenager join a gym? 10. Does intermittent fasting work for all?