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#469 Are You Sure That’s a Job?

I’m gonna be honest, sometimes I feel like my ‘job’ isn’t really a job (as such). Intellectually, I know it is but emotionally and experientially, there’s just no sense of ‘work’ for me. Which makes me feel mostly happily, but occasionally guilty. In this episode, Melissa and I chat about the never-ending evolution of modern careers; jobs that literally didn’t exist not too long ago. Like Podcaster. Personal Trainer. Virtual (online) Corporate Speaker. Social Media Influencer. Life Coach. Web designer. YouTube Celebrity. We also talk about our ability to be able to adapt (as a group and as individuals) when we have to (finding a way). We chat about being resourceful, creative and finding the good in the bad. We discuss the quickest way to find perspective. Managing emotions. The good and bad of anger. Moments that can change the course of our lives and lots more. Enjoy.

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