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#365: The Whole TYP Crew

Melissa, Tiff and I have never done a podcast together and to say this episode wasn’t what I thought it might be, is an understatement. While it didn’t go where I expected, it turned out to be a raw, emotional and confronting conversation that will definitely resonate with (and be helpful for) some. As many of you know, Melissa is naturally quiet and doesn’t really like talking about herself. Well, it’s fair to say that, during the course of this episode buttons were pushed, tears were shed, the conversation came (momentarily) to a halt and at one stage, it looked like the episode would be scrapped. All of which has remained in the recording. There’s no pretending, role-playing or sugar-coating here and while some moments are uncomfortable, they are also powerful. And authentic. The reality of life is that sometimes conversations are hard, things get emotional, issues arise and without planning or intending, we find ourselves in the middle of something messy, magical and important. Thanks Tiff for asking good questions and thanks Melissa for being brave and vulnerable. Enjoy.