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#297 My Forty-Year Apprenticeship

I feel like my entire working (learning) life has been an ongoing training process. An apprenticeship, of sorts. And while I know (intellectually) that I have some competencies, skills and attributes which enable me to get certain things done, the ‘feeling’ of inadequacy, self-doubt and mediocrity is never far away. And as weird and ‘un-inspirational’ as this might sound coming from me, I kind of like it. I like it because my ‘non-special-ness’ keeps me grounded, practical, realistic and doing work. I think if was uber-gifted or smart, I might be lazy. I might not do the work. Having to work hard when some don’t, is not always the handicap it might seem to be. Sometimes it’s a gift. The gift that builds strength, awareness and resilience. For me, it was the thing that made me who I am. This brief episode is about my failures, flaws, fuck-ups and growth. I hope you find some encouragement in it. Enjoy.