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#284 2,633,256,000 Seconds

2,633,256,000 Seconds. If you’re a statistically ‘typical’ Australian woman, that’s about how many seconds your heart will beat for. Us typical dudes on the other hand, we get a miserly 2,538, 648,000. If I’m statistically average, I have 23.5 years to live and annoyingly, Melissa has 51.5 years. Almost a year ago (October 11, 2019), my training partner died while we were lifting heavy shit. For seventeen minutes (5.05 - 5.22pm). Yesterday we went for a bike ride. Weird. Death is an inevitability and unlike Mark (my training partner, AKA the Crab), most of us will only die once. And while death (the actual cessation of heart beat and respiration) happens in a second or so, life is lived over billions of them. This is a chat about that. Enjoy.