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#281 Agoraphobia, Anxiety, Addiction, Overwhelm and Art

*Before I give my normal show synopsis, I want to tell you that this is one of my all-time favourite TYP chats (top 3 out of 281).

To say that Dylan (Keys) was nervous, uncomfortable, anxious and hesitant before we recorded this is a massive understatement. Dylan is a follower of my work and one day I peeked at his page and saw his breath-taking talent. I told him he was a star, he replied and since that time we’ve interacted with regular messages and calls. The quiet, humble, unassuming gifted artist (who drew the charcoal gorilla), lives in rural New Zealand, has seen very few people in six years, deals with ongoing mental-health challenges, is a recovering addict, suffers from chronic-fatigue syndrome and seems to have no idea of his own potential. So, this is not a ‘typical’ podcast with a typical guest and while it took some encouragement (some might say.. coercion), to get Dylan through the TYP door, I wanted you to ‘meet’ him because I think his story might be a source of interest, encouragement and/or inspiration to many of you. Enjoy.