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#265 Oldies Lifting Heavy Sh*t

Dean Mawby, is a pioneer in the area of strength training for the 60 plus age group and this is a great chat about an important issue. I’ve long been an advocate of strength training for our ‘more experienced’ citizens, with benefits ranging from the obvious physical, practical and medical, to the not-so-obvious social, emotional and cognitive. Everything from improved strength, function, bone density endurance, balance, energy and overall physical performance, to improved self-esteem, confidence, happiness and quality of life. If I created a drug for our older population that could do what strength training can (1) that shit would sell like hotcakes (2) everyone would take it and (3) I’d be rich AF. *Note: as is often the way with Zoom recording, we had a few minor audio glitches in spots. Apologies.