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#261 “Easier Said Than Done”

On a semi-regular basis, someone responds to one of my messages with this enlightening revelation “that’s easier said than done”, to which I reply, “of course it is; literally EVERYTHING is easier said than done”. I will lose weight and keep it off forever (easy to say). I will quit smoking (also easy). I will change my life (easy). I’ll never do that thing again (just more words). Which is why saying stuff is way more popular than doing stuff; it’s easy and requires no actual sweat or ongoing effort. People who know me, know that “it’s easier said than done…” is one of my ever-present messages, which is why I push people to step out of the theory (idea, intention, plan, goal) and into the practical process. The doing. As a Coach, all I can offer people is words (of encouragement, instruction, direction, education) which may or may not (when relevant), translate into action. FYI, I may momentarily step onto my soap box during this episode. Shocking, I know. Enjoy.