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#158 The Hustle and Grind Myth

I knew Geoff Jowett when he was a high-profile, high-flying, multi-millionaire doing all the hustling, media, drugs, booze, sex, spending and distractions. He was smart, charismatic and kind of successful. Kind of because, at the same time, he was also broken, disconnected, addicted, miserable and lost. In the middle of his apparent success, he was mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually bankrupt. That was then but these days, Geoff is a different person. The penthouse has made way for the one bedroom flat. The Maserati for the old Hyundai Getz. The drugs and grog for horses, meditation and nature. The obsessive bodybuilding for golf. The getting for giving. The chaos for calm. And the misery for joy. As a friend, I’m super proud of how far he’s come. His realness, rawness, honesty, awareness and humour, make this one of my favourite TYP chats ever. Don’t miss it.