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#155 My Favourite Whiteboard Lessons

In January 2016, I decided to write one of my daily Facebook messages on my office whiteboard and post a photo of it, instead of my daily ritual of typing a few words on a keyboard. While I can’t say it revolutionised the world, I can say that (for some reason) the same words hand-written on my whiteboard created far greater connection, impact and interaction than a regular typed post. Like, times ten. People seemed to resonate with the synergy of old (handwriting) and new (social media). Four years down the track, I’ve written more than three thousand messages on my whiteboard, with some of them being turned into posters, mugs, T shirts, calendars and even, a song (not all with my approval or knowledge). Oh, and of course there’s my Instagram page (@whiteboardlessons), which has slowly climbed from zero to just over twenty thousand followers in the last few years. In this episode, I talk about some of my favourite messages (and yours) and the meaning, idea and intention behind them.