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#143 Boobs, Bras and Business

For much of her life, Maxine Windram dealt with the mental, emotional, physical and social pain of big boobs (her term, don’t yell at me), embarrassing shopping experiences, incompetent sales people, ill-fitting bras and a complete lack of knowledge, service or care for people in her situation. In 2006, off the back of her experiences, some tireless research and countless conversations with other women (and also with zero business or sales experience), Maxine and her mum Lin, launched Brava; a brand catering for women in the D to K cup range. Thirteen years down the track, Brava is an award-winning company with a thriving online business, six retail stores (in Sydney and Melbourne) and an amazing culture that both customers and staff love to be in. I think most people will enjoy this chat but especially those thinking about building a business or brand (of any kind) one day, but have no idea where to start.