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#139 Turning Your Idea, Skill or Passion into a Business

About twenty years ago, two young blokes flew from Sydney to see Australia’s biggest PT facility in action (mine) and to talk to me about creating their own business. What was meant to be a couple of hours, turned into two days! Not long after that meeting, Andrew Simmons and Geoff Jowett (who’s since moved on) created Vision Personal Training and their original idea (to set up one training facility) has morphed into a fitness industry powerhouse, with 59 centres across Australia and New Zealand. In this candid conversation, Andrew and I talk about turning an idea (fitness or other) into a living, breathing business. We also talk about understanding the market, having a point of difference, understanding the needs of clients (no matter what the industry, service or product), evolving and adapting to the ever-shifting business landscape and the personal dangers of ‘becoming’ the business.