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#1353 Who-T-F Is Tom Noske? - Tom Noske (PT1)

Turns out Tom Noske is kind-of a big deal. Well, he's definitely on the way. Let's go with, big-ish. He's a content creator, commercial filmmaker, endurance athlete, storyteller, entrepreneur, and inspiration for over half a million online followers. He's also a good bloke and I loved meeting him. Among other things, we spoke about problem-solving (one of life's most important skills), creating a brand and online presence, understand the mind and needs of a customer, the psychology of spending and perceived value, navigating life with dyslexia, how he earned over $250,000(AU) last month, training for an Ironman, being hyper-focused, being authentic in a sea of fakes and pretenders, building confidence and competence, and much more.

Enjoy. You'll love him.