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#1333 It Started So Well... - Patrick Bonello

There was a moment in this episode when the entire conversation came to an abrupt standstill because Patrick revealed something the world didn't need to know. I was literally left to fill dead air because he and Tiff lost their collective shit and left me hanging. Nonetheless, we didn't edit it out and it's definitely one of the funnier moments in TYP history. If you want to see the actual video footage, you can find it on my Insta. Apart from that shenanigans, we spoke about why EV's (electric vehicles) may not be the saviour we imagined, the potential therapeutic benefits for kids with ADHD using old-school typewriters, diesel generators powering electric charging stations in the outback (not even joking), a new fibre that can optionally cool or heat the wearer, a new treatment for hoarders, dating apps and ghosting, self-flying air-taxis (zero chance I'm getting in that), the one time Patrick kissed a girl and lots more.