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#1239 Why Dogs Are Psychopaths - David Gillespie

Don't get mad at me for the title; you can credit (or discredit) one D. Gillespie for those words (lol). Oh, this was a fun episode of feather-ruffling. Among many amusing and controversial ideas, we spoke about why psychopaths (the human kind) can be 'managed' (not exactly the right word) more effectively with a reward than a punishment, why it doesn't pay to outshine your boss, why koalas sleep for 20 hours a day (random, I know), how and why some psychopaths can over-ride their lack of empathy to be a 'pro-social psychopath, a type of dementia which (essentially) destroys people's capacity to feel empathy, why psychopaths are not wanted in the military (despite what some people might think) and how we can anthropomorphize animals to our own detriment.