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#1216 Think For Yourself - Melanie Trecek-King

Melanie Trecek-King is an Associate Professor of Biology at Massasoit Community College, where she teaches a general-education science course designed to equip students with empowering critical thinking, information literacy, and science literacy skills. Melanie has created a program called TIP (Thinking is Power) and she is of the opinion (as am I) that, while knowledge is valuable (of course), being able to think critically and independently, is the real superpower. Knowing stuff is great but being able to solve problems, make great decisions, choose our own beliefs, consciously write our own story and recognise the space between our programming and our original thoughts, is where the 'self' (me, you) emerges from the group-think, the group-behaviour, the echo chambers and the enormity of conformity. This was fun chat with a fun person. Enjoy.