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#1171 The Rest Of Your Life - Harps

If my lifespan was a 12-inch ruler, I’d  currently be sitting around the 9-inch mark (statistically). The home straight. And if I ‘am’ statistically average, then as an Aussie bloke, I have about 22 years left on the metaphoric perch. Fortunately for me, I intend to be atypical. An outlier. A statistical anomaly. Having said that, there are some things out of my control (20-30%) but in terms of the stuff I can control, I’m all over that shit like a f*ckin’ self-help ninja. You can replace lots of things on Planet You but you can’t get a new body, so I encourage you to plan (and work) accordingly. I’m more interested in living well than long, but it’s my intention to do both. I recorded this episode in the hope that you might be more proactive about optimising your physical, mental and emotional health (if you’re not already) and creating an operating system that will not only increase your life span but also, your health span. Enjoy.