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#1151 Life-Saving Tech, Robot Dogs & Creepy VR - Patrick Bonello

Resident TYP Nerd (and golden tonsils) Patrick is back talking tech, enlightening the dinosaur (Stegosaurus Harps) and this time we talk about a medical radar device that can monitor older adults (are you listening Ron and Mary?) through walls, without a need for wearable trackers or cameras! Also, we learn about new technology that allows people with disabilities (or anyone, for that matter) to operate their devices via small lip and tongue movements (f**king amazing). We chat about a dude who won first prize at a prestigious photo competition but wouldn’t accept the prize because his award-winning ‘photo’ was actually an AI generated image! We also talk about the New York Police Department introducing robot dogs (what could go wrong??) as part of their police force. And on the creepy-as-f*ck front, Patrick tells me about a VR experience designed to simulate a cardiac arrest (yours) and then guide you through your own death. Nope. Nope. Nope. F*ck that.