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#1120 Insertable 3D Printers (Ouch) - Patrick Bonello

This episode with Patrick is half general catch-up and half interesting tech-talk. I don’t wanna say Patrick has issues but I will say that recently, he and his dog Fritz won first prize in a fancy-dress comp at the local festival, both dressed as Spider Man. I’ll let you come to your own conclusion. And yes, that’s Fritz the wonder-schnauzer in the pic. As always, it was a fun chat and among other things, we spoke about different types of intelligence, computer games that might offer real-world physical benefits, genetic testing in babies to predict and possibly prevent certain illnesses, the rise of ‘deep fake’ scams, why the good guys are struggling to keep up with the bad guys when it comes to cyber-crime, older people being targeted by dirtbag scammers and finally, tiny insertable 3D printers (ouch) which use cultured cells to repair tissue damage in the body; an ‘operation’ with no incision. Freaky. Enjoy.