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#1085 What We're Doing vs. Who We're Becoming - Dr. Jodi Richardson

Our favourite Anxiety Expert, Dr. Jodi Richardson, is back and as always, this was a fun and fascinating conversation. Among other things, we spoke about the idea of being open to feedback (in theory) versus the not-always-fun practical experience of receiving feedback. We talked about the idea of being teachable in a world where so many people seem to live in an echo chamber of thought,  belief and behaviour. We discussed the not-very-effective concept of ‘waiting to feel confident’ before we start something new. The idea of being comfortable with initially ‘being bad’ at something (including the ‘me in a Yoga class’ story) in order to ‘get good’ at it (skill development, confidence, competence, mastery). The power of story-telling to share what-can-be complicated and/or confusing information. The amazing ‘ability’ we have to waste potential. The awareness of ‘who we’re becoming’ in the middle of what we’re doing. And lots more. Enjoy.