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#1078 "Am I The Problem?" - Harps

It can’t always be the other person or the other thing can it? There was a period of my life when, on a regular basis, certain components of my existence (for eg. finances, study, weight, relationships, career, training, diet) were going to sh*t but amazingly (wait for it), I was never the problem. Incredible huh? The f*cking Universe was always conspiring against me. My genetics. People who didn’t understand. My lack of opportunities. Lack of resources. Bad luck. The weather. Time. The government. Cops. Teachers. Bosses. God. And the beauty of me never being at fault was that I never had to change because clearly, I was never the problem… This episode is a solo chat by me (Harps) about being the problem (and solution) in our own lives. If you’re after a feel-good interview, this ain’t it.