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#1061 The Food Apocalypse - Matty Lansdown

Is the end of ‘actual’ food drawing nigh? It may be closer than we think. After a few recent stand-out appearances, Scientist, Nutritionist and Food Educator, Matty Lansdown has been the ‘flavour’ of the month at TYP. See what I did there? Lots of nice feedback, plenty of questions and a liberal smattering of “can we have Matty back soon?” requests. So... you’re welcome. This time we chat about good ol’ sausages (snags, bangers), why pasta puts me into a coma, cooked vs. raw veggies, mineral vs. soda water, air fryers, fibre, pooing, carnivore diets, super interesting research looking at our beliefs about what we’re eating and the subsequent impact those beliefs have on the way our body metabolises that food (in a completely atypical way) and finally, we chat about the atrocious new food guidelines (food pyramid, of sorts) funded and endorsed by the US government which says that Lucky Charms, chocolate covered almonds, Honey Nut Cheerios and sweet potato fries are all healthier options than steak. WTAF? Enjoy.