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#105 Walking Away From Security

For most of the last twenty-five years, Brad McEwan was a bloke on the telly, keeping Aussies informed about all-things news, current events and sport. Okay, mainly sport. Well, eighteen months ago, the TV bloke chose to step away from the cameras, the public attention, the not inconsiderable wage and the successful media career, to build a different life (both professional and personal) based on kindness, purpose, connection and service. In early 2018, Brad walked away from the security, predictability and comfort of a ‘great career’ and into the unknown, the unpredictable and the discomfort of being a bloke with a passion, an idea and no job.

In this (long) episode, Brad and Craig explore the peaks and troughs, lessons and lightbulbs, pain and pleasure of (1) searching for meaning and purpose (2) creating and living a life aligned with our values (3) stepping into the unknown (4) embracing vulnerability and (5) turning our back on comfort and convenience.