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#1003 Lies, Deception & Spies - Dr. John (“Jack”) Schafer

Dr. John (“Jack”) Schafer is a retired FBI Special Agent who is currently employed as an Assistant Professor at Western Illinois University. Jack served as behavioural analyst assigned to the FBI's National Security Behavioural Analysis Program where he trained agents in the areas of lying, deception, manipulation, elicitation (like the friendly version of interrogation), advanced interviewing and broadly speaking, understanding the behaviour and psychology criminals, enemies of the state and spies. He also interviewed hundreds of suspects, known criminals and spies. His books include ‘The Truth Detector’ (2020): An Ex-FBI Agent's Guide for Getting People to Reveal the Truth and ‘The Like Switch’ (2015): An Ex-FBI Agent's Guide to Influencing, Attracting, and Winning People Over. Apart from the fact that he was profiling me the whole time, I loved our chat. And no, I’m almost definitely not a spy. Allegedly.