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Renovate Your Life

The Audio Program

A Snapshot

Hi Everyone, Craig here. This program is the culmination of three (plus) decades of conversations with more people than I can remember, about essentially the same thing: change. Whether it’s been on the gym floor, in my office, on the radio, at a conference, in a workshop or through my books, people ‘show up’ because in some way, they want to think, feel, do and be better. That is, live better. This program is all about helping you do that.

How it Works / Format / Style

There are thirty sections, covering a broad range of topics and subject matter, ranging in duration from a kind-of-brief seven-minutes to a kind-of-long forty-six minutes, adding up to a total of about eleven hours of content. Not surprisingly (if you know me), my coaching ‘style’ is conversational, casual and periodically, sweary. What I share is not scripted (who wants to listen to an eleven-hour monologue) and is essentially a mix of lessons, ideas, strategies, stories and insights, all around the idea of creating positive and lasting changing on Planet You.

How to ‘Do’ the Program

As you’ll hear me say often, there’s no ‘universally best’ way to do almost anything; including this program. While there are a smattering of (optional) questions and activities along the way, there is no set protocol for getting involved. Some people will listen chronologically, start to finish. Some will jump around the sections, depending on what topics they find interesting and relevant. Some people will meander through it, hitting the pause button constantly to answer questions, take notes and consider ideas. While others will binge-listen (it’s a thing) to the whole program in a day or so. The only piece of advice I have is to come back to the program regularly. To listen to it multiple times. Not because my voice is so enchanting but because it is impossible to hear so much content once and to remember everything that resonates, implement everything that’s relevant and gain maximum value. So much of lasting transformation is about reinforcement, repetition and consistency over time.

This Program contains 11+ hours of online audio content. Please note: it is an Online Audio Program that can be accessed via a web browser on a smartphone, tablet or computer. An internet connection is required in order to stream the content.