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TYP Diary

Finally! The You Project Transformation Diary has landed at TYP Central and it’s turned out even better than I expected. We used high quality materials, a great printing company and I’m super happy with the finished product. In a high-tech world, something as low-tech as writing daily in a book with a pen is not for everyone, but neither is it meant to be. Forty years of helping people change their thinking, habits, behaviours, operating systems and outcomes has taught me that tracking our transformation journey can be a highly effective process for improving accountability and self-awareness (around choices, patterns and habits), regulating behaviour, creating new standards, outlasting motivation, making better decisions, maximising potential and of course, getting results. I designed this diary based on decades of conversations, encounters and coaching with thousands of people, ranging from the general public, corporates, tradies and bodybuilders, through to elite athletes, weekend warriors, entertainers, students and literally, my mum. For more practical info (specs, pages, contents), see below.

General Information about the Diary

1. For practical reasons (namely, two pages per day), the ‘most’ calendar days we could squeeze into the diary is one hundred and fifty-five (about five months of tracking). Including some general info, advice, suggestions and spare pages for additional notes, the diary is 320 pages.

2. It’s not a typical calendar-type diary; it’s a journal to be filled out with a space for you to enter dates along the way.

3. Each day (two pages in the diary) provides sections to record everything from nutrition, exercise, coffee, tea, alcohol, sleep, screen time, supplements, medication, water intake and daily steps, to things like anxiety, mindset, happiness and energy ratings, daily to-do list, gratitude list, daily intentions and more. Obviously, how the diary is used is completely up to the user. For some people, certain sections will be irrelevant.

4. The pages are A5, the diary weighs about 500 grams and we possibly over-engineered it! We could have produced a much cheaper version but chose not to.

5. At the front of the diary are my recommendations regarding how it can be used optimally, please read these before you get underway. You will also find an explanation regarding how to use the scales measuring things such as anxiety, energy level, happiness, etc..

** Additional bulk discount available for orders of 20+ diaries, please contact us at **