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About the Workshop

Being mentally tough is not about being some kind of fearless, hard-core, high-performer. Neither is it about physical size or strength, gender, fighting skills, age or genetic disposition. Nonetheless, it is a prerequisite for successfully navigating the human experience. For facing fears. Making hard decisions. Overcoming loss. Stepping into discomfort. Dealing with setbacks. Creating opportunities. Solving problems. Doing what success demands. Exploring potential. And living our purpose.

Four decades of working with a vast cross-section of people all looking to create their version of success, has taught me a few things about the role of the mind in building our best life. This two-hour workshop is a snapshot of what I’ve learned over those forty years.


The Mental Toughness Workshop

This workshop recording is available for 90 days following purchase and can be streamed at Further details on how to view the recording will emailed to you upon purchase. Enjoy :)

Record Date: This workshop was recorded via Zoom in April 2022.

Duration: 2 hrs