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Thank you for your interest in being involved in my research. I’m very appreciative. A few things: 

As part of my PhD research, I am conducting a study in the area of communication, connection and awareness, and I need some willing humans to help me out by being participants in a study. The requirement for this is in two parts:

PART 1. Completing an online series of questions and activities.

PART 2. Participating in an in-person session (with me).

It is anticipated that Part 1 will be a commitment of approximately 60-75 minutes (online), while Part 2 will be a face-to-face commitment of approximately 75-90 minutes. 

Apart from helping me with my study, I will also be conducting a complimentary (and optional) 90-minute workshop after the research component, focusing on high-performance, optimal health, mindset and self-mastery.

The online component (Part 1) must be completed by Tuesday, February 27 (8:00pm, please and thank you). The face-to-face session (Part 2) will be held at Monash University (Caulfield Campus) on Wednesday, February 28 (starting at 6:30pm).If you don’t stay for the workshop, you should be finished by approximately 8.30pm. Once again, participation in this session (Part 2) is contingent upon completion of the online component of the research (Part 1).

If you’d like to be involved, please fill in the form below and I will contact you with further instructions. I will email you a participant ID and a link to take you directly to the online research portal to participate in Part 1 of the study. When you access the portal you will see an ‘explanatory statement’ detailing what the research involves. 

Thank you so much for making the effort and taking the time to help me with this. Finding participants for research is not always easy, so I truly appreciate your potential involvement. 

Best, Craig.