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About the Workshop

Working with humans (and the bodies they live in) for almost four decades has taught me a few things about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the process of creating lasting physical change. About the science and the bullshit. The sale’s pitch and the actual result. The theory and the reality. The psychology and the physiology. The short-term and the forever. In this three-hour workshop, there will be no ridiculous promises, no quick fixes, no secret formula and no magic pills, powders or potions; just information that can help you change your body forever… if you do the work.

Apart from all the typical science-y stuff (nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, sleep, program design, intensity, volume, recovery, biofeedback, energy regulation, biological age, genetic management), we will explore the variables that, in my experience, play a far bigger role in the ‘forever-different’ process, than most people understand. So many people with great intentions, plans and resources fail because they simply won’t do the work. They love the ‘idea’ of transforming but won’t commit to the work of transformation. Sadly, laziness, avoidance, excuses, poor attitude and an aversion to discomfort stand between them and their best body. Which is why some people have literally been getting in (and out) of shape for years. Okay, apart from the regular stuff, we will also explore:
• Conscious eating.
• Why most people won’t create lasting change.
• Why most people give up.
• Your relationship with food.
• Body dysmorphia.
• Disordered eating and eating disorders.
• Social eating, emotional eating, auto-pilot eating.
• The role of the mind in changing the body.
• Genetic Potential vs. Genetic Management.
• Creating new habits.
• Excuses vs. Reasons.
• Creating a personal health blueprint.

So, if you’re ready to get off the merry-go-round of frustration, self-sabotage and (let’s be honest), doing dumb shit to your body, you might want to check it out.


The Body Project

This workshop recording is available for 90 days following purchase and can be streamed at Further details on how to view the recording will emailed to you upon purchase. Enjoy :)

Record Date: This workshop was recorded via Zoom in February 2021.

Duration: 3 hrs