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This is not an educational program. Not four-weeks of theory. Not a lecture series. And not a weekly motivational pep-talk. This is four weeks of practical coaching, activities, planning, decision making, momentum building and action taking. It is a starting point for an awesome 2024 (and beyond). It’s a weekly workshop (emphasis on ‘work’) exploring a different component of the human experience. It’s probably a bad business move for me to say that this is not for everyone but that’s just the truth. It’s not for people who aren’t ready to break habits, change behaviour, do new things, get uncomfortable or make some tough decisions. I’d rather run a program with ten people who are genuinely ready to do the work, than a thousand people looking for a secret, a magic pill, a shortcut or some kind of reward-without-work strategy. The key to changing your life for the better, is knowing that it’s actually about changing you for the better. Because when you are different (mentally, physically, emotionally, behaviourally), life as an experience, is different. Positive transformation, growth, wisdom, skill and success are byproducts of your courage, effort and capacity to get up, when most would give up. And if you’re ready to do some work, I’m ready to coach you. 


Firstly, how much or little you participate, how proactive you are, what decisions you make, what action you take and how much you interact with the group, is optional (of course). Having said that, my intention is to make these four weeks an interactive, collaborative, let’s-get-some-shit-done (type of) journey. And if your goal is to be a silent, invisible passenger somewhere up the back of the metaphoric class, this is not for you. Having said that, you don’t need to be loud, extroverted or outspoken (I’d rather you weren’t - lol) but you will need to contribute and for those of you who are shy and fearful, it might even be an opportunity to be courageous, build some resilience and do something ‘un-you.’ You will be supported and encouraged. Every week I will introduce several broadly relevant topics and then between us, we will explore, discuss, plan and create a to-do list for the upcoming week and beyond. The sessions won’t be over-planned as I need to ‘read the room’ along the way and as a group, we will make it work. I’m just the coach and the cheer squad. I’d love to work with you and help you get the wheels turning on your personal transformation journey, so I hope to see you there. 


Experience, observation, countless conversations and research tells me that the majority of people who regularly expose themselves to self-help and/or personal-development content (programs, books, podcasts, presentations, motivational talks, workshops) (1) forget most of what they hear or read within a short amount of time (2) don’t turn the theory into action (3) if they do take action, it is often short-lived (when the motivation subsides) (4) love the idea of personal growth but not the messy, uncomfortable, inconvenient process of it and (5) often waste much of their potential because of fear, laziness, procrastination, avoidance and bullshit stories. Knowing is not doing. Intentions aren’t outcomes. And life gives no fucks about your happiness. The answer is you.  

Love, Harps.


Pre-Season 2024 Program

DATES: Wednesday evenings from November 22 - December 13, 2023

TIME: 7:30pm - 9:00pm (AEDT)

WHERE: Online Live (via Zoom) and On-demand

If you are unable to make a session live (or you would like to watch it again), they will be available to stream on our online education portal. Each recording will be available from 7:30pm the day following the session and will remain accessible until Wednesday 10 January, 2024. Further details will emailed to you upon purchase. Enjoy :)