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#942 The Compassionate D*ckhead - Dr. Julian Abel

Firstly, the reason for the title becomes clear during the chat. Dr. Julian Abel is awesome. I wish he lived in Melbourne, because we would definitely be friends. I love how he thinks, his compassion and kindness, his philosophy around health, healing and dying and I love that it’s all wrapped in a wicked sense of humour and great story-telling skills. Every now and then I chat with someone on TYP and I sense I’m getting the ‘show’ but with the Doc, he’s a genuinely beautiful soul who (despite his medical training) believes that compassion, connection, kindness and care are the greatest healers (literally, not metaphorically) and by the way, there’s significant research to back his ideas up. For me, this episode literally felt like I was hanging out with a mate having a fascinating conversation. *BIO: Julian is a retired palliative care physician, Director of Compassionate Communities UK Author and Podcaster. Over the last decade, he’s become increasingly interested in the impact of compassion being the basis of human relationships and he’s applied this in healthcare, in communities and beyond. He believes that society has developed in such a way to facilitate a drastic malnourishment of community, connection and compassion. Enjoy the Doc.