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#932 What Is Value? - Tommy & Harps

Videographer, Creator, Podcaster, Adopted Son (I have a few) and one of my favourite peeps to do coffee and chat with, Tommy Jackett is back at TYP. This chat follows no particular path or direction but nonetheless, there’s a little something in it for everyone. A conversational smorgasbord, of sorts. We chatted about how often I’m asked to be a ‘pseudo-dad’ (often), meeting people you’ve never met who know you well (because of the podcast), love jobs vs. money jobs, hustle culture, inappropriate laughter, imposter syndrome, anti-goals, the way we label things (for better or worse), the science of podcasting (I know it seems like unplanned, chaotic bullshit), excellence and obsession, creating connection, creating a demand for what you do, perceived value and lots more. Enjoy.

The Craig Harper Show