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#891 The First Personal Training Client - Max Peggie

More than thirty-five years ago, Max Peggie walked into the gym I was managing, we chatted and about ten minutes later, I had my first Personal Training client before PT was even a thing; no course, no regulations, no industry. To be honest, I didn’t even have an official name for what I was doing; I was just training him three times a week and he was paying me three-times my hourly (gym instructing) rate. Giddy-up, I was rich. For me. Little did I know what would come from that conversation; the infancy of an industry, twenty-five years of owning studios, educating thousands of trainers (and employing hundreds), personally completing more than forty thousand PT sessions, speaking all over the world, radio, TV, working with elite athletes and lots more. Without Max, my story may have been very different. He was an important influence, mentor and support system in my journey and growth and all these years later, we got together to talk about the lessons and laughs, the student and teacher (he taught me business, I taught him body) and of course, the mutual sh*t-slinging. Enjoy. *Note: Max’s first book (out now) is called ‘I Didn’t Ask to be King’.