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#886 The Insecurity Epidemic - Jaemin Frazer

Jaemin Frazer is the founder of The Insecurity Project and specialises in helping entrepreneurs, leaders, and business owners eradicate insecurity so they can show up to life unhindered by doubt, fear, and self-limiting beliefs. He is a leading voice globally on the subject of personal insecurity and is the author of Unhindered - The Seven Essential Practices for Overcoming Insecurity, Elegantly Simple Solutions to Complex People Problems. Jaemin and I spoke about why and how we’re so insecure (and what we might do about it), finding our identity in our job (good or bad?), seeking approval from people who don’t love us, when a ‘group’ becomes a cult, blokes becoming more vulnerable, backlash from leaving the ministry (he was an ordained Minister), being self-sufficient and we even disagreed on a few things (graciously of course - lol). Enjoy.