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#839 A Different Kind of Brain - Andy J. Pizza (PT1)

For me, this episode was super interesting, partly because of the conversation itself and maybe even more because of who I chatted with. Andy J. Pizza is a highly successful illustrator and speaker who has written kid’s books and comics and done client work for the likes of The New York Times, Apple and Nickelodeon. He also inspires people from stage with his unconventional and interactive presentations, while navigating life with ADHD and in his own words, ‘a different kind of brain’. Rather than pretending he’s something he’s not, Andy leans into his neurodiversity and has a unique energy, insight and like-ability, which is why this scheduled 45-minute chat, became a two-parter. Not only is he ‘quirky and creative’ but I absolutely loved the way he sees, processes, navigates and explains the world, as he experiences it. Enjoy.