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#831 When Love Ain't Love - Kute Blackson

I liked my first chat with Kute Blackson but I loved this one. This is the bloke who walked away from his church upbringing (and his likely life as an evangelist) after preaching to an audience of 3,000 at 8, being an ordained minister at 14 and being the son of a Japanese mum and a famous Ghanaian preacher father, who had a clear plan for his son’s life. Well, in this chat Kute dropped some knowledge, wisdom and inspiration and (for the woo-woo brigade) a few spiritual insights (like the concept of the mind serving the soul). We also spoke about.. structure and planning vs. freestyle and instinct, the myth of logic, keeping others happy, the nature of the ego, personal reality, confirmation bias, surrendering, conditional love (which isn’t actually love), the mind as a tool and a barrier and lots more. Enjoy.