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#828 Is Being In A Tribe A Good Idea? - Harps & Tiff

We all want to belong, to be part of something bigger than us, to be connected with others and to be part of a ‘tribe’ (group, club, team, family, organisation, family, religion). And while this all makes sense because we humans are social creatures, what are the potential risks of desperately wanting to belong? These days there’s a lot of discussion around the virtues and values of being part of a tribe. But is it true? Are all tribes love, light, puppies and unicorns? Are they altruistic and well-meaning? Are they about the welfare of the individuals or the welfare of the group (brand, profit, growth)? In order to belong and make no waves, are you periodically required to over-ride your own thoughts, insights and instincts because they don’t align with the group’s ideology, philosophy and/or theology? Without giving to much away, I think belonging to a tribe can be both good or bad, depending on a bunch of variables. Some groups might save your life, some might ruin it.