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#781 Dyslexia Is My Super Power - Julia Hartley-Moore

Julia Hartley-Moore In almost 800 conversations on TYP, this is one of our most interesting (and at times, confronting) episodes. I don’t want to over-share but Julia was told she was stupid from 5, kicked out of school at 14, raped and subsequently pregnant at 14, a mother of three (with twins) at 16, married on her sixteenth birthday, undiagnosed with dyslexia until she was 40, spent much of her life battling sexism, judgement, intimidation and violence and somehow, turned out to be the powerful, successful and inspiring woman I met on this chat. BIO: Today, Julia is recognised internationally as an expert on relationships, infidelity and human nature. Her opinion has been sought by global media, including the BBC, Good Morning America, The View, the Daily Mail and Huffington Post. In New Zealand, she is a well-known and frequent commentator on TV, radio and in print. She is a private investigator (the first woman in NZ) and her firm specialises in infidelity, scam, and child custody cases. She has published several books about her work as a private investigator, including multiple editions of ‘Infidelity: Exploding the Myths’.