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#607 What If My Beliefs Are Wrong? – Dr Stan Beecham

I knew I’d click with Dr. Stan Beecham when he showed up to the recording with a didgeridoo, while wearing an Akubra and then proceeded to play for me. And when I say ‘play’… well, you know. Not totally weird considering we’re an Aussie podcast but somewhat weird considering he’s an academic, author, psychologist and leadership consultant living in Roswell, Georgia in the States, who’s never been to Oz. I loved his energy, his personality and his ability to explain ‘sciencey stuff’ in a totally user-friendly (no BS) manner. Among other things, we spoke about fear of failure, being judged, why we care about what strangers think of us, our need to belong, identity and where it comes from, over-thinking, where our beliefs come from and why we are so attached to them (even when they’re wrong), the value of curiosity, the conversations in our head, being present, work-life balance, the gift of mediocrity and our obsession with success and happiness. Enjoy.