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#592 The Secret Sauce - Christine Gaby

Some of my favourite chats are with people who aren’t famous, high profile or taking over the world. People I’ve met on my journey who have impressed me with their attitude, courage, values, kindness and energy. Christine Gaby is one of those people. We met a few years back when I did some work with her team at Healthy Horizons in the thriving Tasmanian metropolis of Dodges Ferry (pop. 2,500ish). I loved the place, the gym and the people. This episode we discuss finding your ‘thing’, stepping away from a job that makes you miserable, starting a business with zero business skills, setting up a gym in a place where a ‘gym won’t work’, being an older-learner, why I hate yoga (just kidding), doing things that scare us, building a culture at work and the ‘secret sauce’ that many business owners don’t ‘get’. Enjoy.