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#425 Broken

In 2017, Marie Nilsson fell off a mountain. Literally. She was 500 metres from the summit of the highest mountain in Poland (Mount Rysy) when she slipped and fell 450 metres, hitting rocks and shattering her body along the way. By some miracle, she survived the fall but was perilously close to death, when medical help arrived. Multiple skull fractures. A broken neck (C3). An internal brain bleed. External brain bleed (inside the skull, external to the brain). Facial paralysis. 15 broken ribs. Shattered collarbone. Multiple organ failure (liver, kidney and lungs). Loss of hearing (left ear permanent). Loss of taste. Damaged intestines. Broken foot. Dislocated jaw. Significant nerve damage. And of course, brain damage. 7 weeks in ICU, 5 weeks in a coma, ongoing rehabilitation and recovery and now, 4 years later, we chat. Interestingly, before her accident, Marie worked as an Exercise Therapist, specialising in rehabilitation. She is a special woman with a remarkable understanding of physical, mental and emotional healing. *Note: Marie, experiences slight cognitive delay due to her brain injury and still struggles with physical and mental energy, so compared to some TYP conversations, this one is a little more leisurely. Which is nice, so enjoy.